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Medical Response Unit

About the Medical Response Unit

Florida State University’s Medical Response Unit is one of the finest collegiate EMS organizations in the state of Florida. Staffed by trained student volunteers, with certifications ranging from emergency medical responders, EMTs, paramedics, and nurses, the unit provides coverage for many of the university’s major events, including countless 5K runs, football pre-games, baseball games, student-organized events, and intramural sports. Some special events that the unit covers include Dance Marathon, FSU Flying High Circus, Relay for Life, Homecoming Parade, and Welcome FSU.

The Medical Response Unit has been recognized by many groups and individuals for its dedicated service to its community, including letters of commendation presented on February 6, 2011, by Chief David Perry to Wyatt Eddy, Joseph LaFave, and Eric Tousaint for their life-saving efforts.

Medical Responders

In order to facilitate a rapid response to emergencies, the Medical Response Unit maintains several vehicles, including electric carts. These are all outfitted with emergency lights and sirens and are stocked with a variety of medical supplies, including oxygen and automatic external defibrillators. In the event of an emergency, the crews responding can provide an initial assessment as well as treatment. If necessary, the crew can begin “packaging” a patient for transportation, saving the ambulance crew vital minutes once they arrive on scene. Should transportation not be needed, the crews can advise the patient on how to proceed, saving students much needed income (an average charge of $500+).

The Medical Response program offers services beyond its presence on campus. The unit also serves to educate by making students aware of ways to prevent, as well as handle, emergency situations. The unit provides safety presentations to student groups and departments to further promote our safe campus.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Medical Response Unit, e-mail or stop by room 1054 in the Wellness Center. To request the presence of the Medical Response Unit at a campus event, please fill out the event request form.

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