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If you would like more information on becoming a member of FSU's Medical Response Unit or are interested in having the Medical Response Unit at your next campus event, please contact us at the following:

For event scheduling: (850) 644-3349 Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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For general information: (850) 644-3349 Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fax: (850) 644-1491


Training Supervisor

"Picture of Michael Stewart (Training Supervisor)"

Michael Stewart-Meza

Serving as MRU's Training Supervisor, Michael provides training and mentorship to student-responders to prepare them as today's emergency medical responders and tomorrow's healthcare leaders. Michael is responsible for implementing a meaningful experience for our student-responders that equips and encourages them to serve others with both high competence and deep compassion. Before working at FSU, Michael served as a paramedic in both rural and urban 9-1-1 EMS systems and as a critical care transport paramedic. In addition to working at FSU, Michael continues to serve as an adjunct EMS instructor for first responder, EMT and paramedic courses. In his free time, Michael enjoys reading philosophy, being active within his church, and spending time with his husband and their dog, Major. 


Medical Response Unit Student Officers

"Picture of Bryce Hickey (Director of Administration)"

Bryce Hickey

Bryce (He/Him/His) is the Director of Administration for the Florida State Medical Response Unit. His main responsibilities are to track hours worked by all responders, to accurately track and report all patient care activity and courtesy assists, and to represent the MRU at public engagements. Bryce plans to graduate from the Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (IMS) B.S. Degree Program, with a major in Clinical Professions, during the spring of 2024. In his free time, Bryce enjoys going to the gym, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. 

"Picture of Francesca Carravetta (Director of Operations)"

Francesca Carravetta 

Fran (She/Her/Hers) is the Director of Operations for the Medical Response Unit at FSU. She is responsible for staffing Emergency Medical Responders to work events on campus and tracking inventory for the Unit. Fran joined the Medical Response Unit her sophomore year, obtained her Emergency Medical Responder Certificate, and went on to attend EMT school at TCC the following summer. Fran is in her final year at Florida State University studying Exercise Physiology. When not at the MRU you can find Fran at the Rez paddle boarding, dominating in IM pickleball (0-3), working as an EMT in Gadsden County, or telling bad jokes as a University Ambassador for FSU. 

"Picture of Katelyn Boada (Director of Special Projects)"

Katelyn Boada

Katelyn is the Director of Special Projects. As the Director of Special Projects, Katelyn oversees and manages all public health education and certification initiatives as well as social media platforms for the organization. The FSU Medical Response Unit offers certification in the nationally recognized bleeding control course known as Stop the Bleed. Since the Fall of 2021, Katelyn alongside other responders on the unit and the FSU Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life has founded and developed the FSU Greek student education program known as "GreekSAFE" which works to promote safety and wellness in regard to the Greek chapter facilities and Greek affiliated events. Katelyn's other responsibilities fall into organizing responder bonding events, managing any intramural sports done by the organization, and other external-related projects that may come up. In her free time, Katelyn trains to pursue her passion of becoming a professional dancer and loves to stay active in the gym and on hikes.

"Picture of Sam Cook (Executive Director)"

Sam Cook

Sam (he/him/his) is the Executive Director for the Florida State Medical Response Unit. His main responsibilities are to create, present, and defend the MRU budget and sweeping purchases. He also organizes, and leads the application process, and oversees the executive board. Sam joined the MRU when he was a freshman, which is where he obtained his Emergency Medical Responder certification. He proceeded to go to school the following summer and obtained his EMT license, and he now works part-time for Gadsden County EMS. Entering his 3rd year, Sam is continuing to pursue a double major in psychology and nursing. When Sam is not working or studying, he can be found in the gym, playing tennis, or listening to music.