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Medical Response Unit

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If you would like more information on becoming a member of FSU's Medical Response Unit or are interested in having the Medical Response Unit at your next campus event, please contact us at the following:

For event scheduling: 644.3349

For general information: 644.3349/644-0009

Fax: 850.644.1491


MRU Advisors
Amy Magnuson

Amy Magnuson, PhD
University Health Services

Chief Perry

David L. Perry
Chief, FSU Police Department
Director, Campus Safety and Security

Medical Response Unit Clinical Supervisors:



John Dilks
Program Coordinator


Kristin Matthews
Assistant Program Coordinator

Tien Cao

Tien Cao
Special Operations
Coordinator and Supervisor



Josh Lacey
Field Coordinator
& Supervisor

Medical Response Unit Officers

Elizabeth Ruta

Elizabeth Ruta
Executive Director

Julian Feliu

George Downey

George Downey
Director of Administration

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