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Medical Response Unit

The Florida State University Volunteer Medical Response Unit functions as a Basic Life Support Quick Response Unit at Florida State University.

The Medical Response Unit functions as a basic life support and quick response unit at Florida State University. Staffed by trained student volunteers, the Medical Response Unit is an affiliated project associated with University Health Services, FSU Police Department, Student Government Association, and FSU Division of Student Affairs. The Medical Response Unit offers support to existing emergency medical and safety units during campus events, such as intramural sports, 5K’s, the FSU Flying High Circus, Dance Marathon and many others.

The unit provides a safety net on the FSU campus in case of medical emergencies IN ADDITION to the normal response already provided by the FSU Police Department and the community 911 system.The unit is available to any campus organization requesting assistance for campus events, and to any students in need of assistance. Beyond its Medical Response presence on campus, the unit is involved in preventative care programs aimed at educating students on how to prevent emergency situations as well as how to be able to handle them.

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