Medical Excuse Policy

Appointment Verification

You may access your "Previous Appointment Listing" via your patient portal should you need to provide your instructor or employer with a visit verification. 

Accessing your appointment history

  1. You must be web-enabled to access your patient portal. If you are not web-enabled, please contact us at (850) 644-6230 and speak to a representative. 
  2. Visit your patient portal here: and log in with your credentials.
  3. Once you are at your main dashboard you will hover over appointments on the left side of the dashboard and select "Historical Appointments".
  4. The "Previous Appointment Listing" page will show your appointment history. You may elect to screenshot or show your instructor the information located on this screen. 

UHS staff do not release information about a patient's medical or psychological condition to Administrators, Instructors, Parents (except when a student is a minor) or Employers without the patient's permission and a signed release. 

UHS does not provide Visit Verifications ("class excuses") for routine visits or minor medical issues. It is recommended that students schedule these appointments at a time that does not conflict with class or work whenever possible. Examples: Physicals, Allergy Injections, Immunizations, Routine Prescription Refills, Dressing Changes, Ultrasounds, Blood Pressure Checks, etc. If you are sick/ill a clinician may provide you with documentation (i.e., medical excuse, visit verification) upon their discretion. 

This policy is consistent with peer institutions and reflects our commitment to maintaining patient confidentially and supporting meaningful dialogue between students and faculty.