Medical Excuse Policy

Visit Verification

Students who have been evaluated at University Health Services (UHS) for medical conditions, psychological conditions, illnesses or injuries may receive a Visit Verification, which documents the date and time the student was seen at UHS. 

Visit Verifications do not constitute a medical excuse from work or class. At the discretion of the Healthcare Provider, documentation of restrictions in physical activity or home care may be provided as appropriate. Unless specifically requested by the patient, UHS does not place a diagnosis on a Visit Verification. 

Nurses, including Triage Nurses, may not issue Visit Verifications. Diagnostic Imaging Staff may not issue Visit Verifications. 

Visit Verifications will not be issued for a student who received medical care at another healthcare facility. The student must request a Visit Verification from the facility that provided the medical care. 

If a patient significantly improves prior to the estimated return date, or the illness continues longer than estimated, the patient may need to obtain an additional note. If a patient needs additional time for recovery prior to returning to class or work, they must return to the UHS Healthcare Provider prior to the original estimated return date. 

UHS staff do not release information about a patient's medical or psychological condition to Administrators, Instructors, Parents (except when a student is a minor) or Employers without the patient's permission and a signed release. 

UHS does not provide Visit Verifications ("class excuses") for routine visits or minor medical issues. It is recommended that students schedule these appointments at a time that does not conflict with class or work whenever possible. Examples: Physicals, Allergy Injections, Immunizations, Routine Prescription Refills, Dressing Changes, Ultrasounds, Blood Pressure Checks, etc. 

This policy is consistent with peer institutions and reflects our commitment to maintaining patient confidentially and supporting meaningful dialogue between students and faculty. 

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