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For more information on course drops and withdrawals, contact the Course Drops & Withdrawals Office at (850) 644-1624 or

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University Health Services is the central location for processing Medical/Mental Health Course Drops & Withdrawals.

Documentation will be reviewed by the committee(s) and a determination will be made whether criteria has been met. The committee’s review and their findings will be forwarded to the Office of Withdrawal Services and/or your Dean. The committee does not make the final decision regarding your request. The final decision to Approve or Deny your request will be determined by your Dean.

Prior to submitting your applications please ensure that:

  1. You have met with your Dean to receive the approval to initiate the process
  2. You have completed:
    • For Withdrawals: The online withdrawal application
    • For Course Drops: The paper application (provided by your Dean)
  3. You have provided a copy of your class schedule
  4. You have provided supporting documentation for the semester that you are making the request
  5. You have completed a release form to the appropriate committee for review for EACH of the providers you are attaching supporting documentation from. These must be submitted with your application & supporting documentation to authorize the committee to review your application.

**Note: The application MUST be completed for processing. Incomplete application will delay review of your application.

Applications for medical course drops and withdrawals are reviewed by members of a medical committee of physicians for their suitability to this program approval of applications will be limited to acute, severe or catastrophic illness or injury. Chronic medical conditions are usually not considered.

Medical/Mental Health Course Drop & Withdrawal applications must be obtained from your academic deans office.

Q. Where do I get the Medical/Mental Health Course-Drop Packet?

A. The Medical/Mental Health Course Drop packet may be obtained from your Academic Dean’s Office. An advisor will assist you with the Course-Drop process and give you the packet for completion. This packet contains instructions on how to properly and completely fill it out prior to turning it into University Health Services for review. A representative from your Academic Dean’s Office must sign this packet for validation.

Q. Where do I get the Medical/Mental Health Withdrawal Packet?

A. The Medical/Mental Health Withdrawal Packet may be obtained from the Office of Withdrawal Services. For additional information on the Withdrawal process, please contact the Withdrawal Services Office or visit their website at:

Q. What other information do I turn in with the packet?

A. Official Copy of Class Schedule for semester in question, ALL additional relevant Medical/Mental Health Records from outside provider(s) and specialist(s) seen during the semester in question, and an Authorization for the Use, Disclosure, and Receipt of Protected Health Information (Release Form) for EACH provider, specialist, or entity providing medical records or documentation.

Q. If I was seen at University Health Services or Counseling & Psychological Services do I still need a release form?

A. Yes, this gives the Medical & Mental Health Committee members access to review your Medical and/or Mental Health Records.

Q. How do I fill out the Release Form?

A. The form must be complete to include:

  • I (YOUR NAME) request and authorize my heath provider: The name or other specific identification of the provider, specialist, hospital, or physician providing medical records/supporting documentation.
  • Medical or Mental Health Course-Drop and Withdrawal Committee: Please check if you are releasing information to the MEDICAL or MENTAL HEATH Committee.
  • Date Range: Should be related to the semester in question, but can also include dates for relevant information just prior or immediately after the semester. If medical records/supporting documentation has already been obtained and is attached to packet, you may leave blank.
  • Expiration Date: An expiration of the disclosure (Note: If the expiration date is left blank, the authorization will expire in six (6) months).
  • Signature Information: This entire section must be completed, signed, and dated to make the release valid.

Please contact the Health Information Management Office at 850-644-5523 if you have any questions regarding the Authorization for Release Discourse of Protected Health Information

Q. Where do I turn my packet and documents in?

 At this time we ask all applications, documentation, and appeals be submitted via email, postal mail, fax, FSU Dropbox, or drop in-person at UHS/1st floor-Central Registration.

  • Contact us
    • 960 Learning Way, Tallahassee, FL 32306-1st floor/Central Registration (drop off only)
    • Phone: (850) 644-1624
    • Fax: (850) 644-2737
    • Email:

Q. How long does the process take?

A. The Medical/Mental Health Course-Drop & Withdrawal process normally takes about 7-21 business days once University Health Services receives a completed Medical/Mental Health Course-Drop or Withdrawal Packet. After a completed packet has been received, it will be routed to the proper committee for review.

Q. How will I be notified once a decision has been made?

A. Students will receive an automated email from the Course-Drop & Withdrawal web system once their application has been received and put into the system; Students will also be alerted if the packet received is incomplete via this email. Another notification email will be sent to the student once the packet has been reviewed by the Course-Drop and Withdrawal Committee and routed back to Withdrawal Services or the Academic Dean’s office. Students are then responsible for contacting their Academic Dean’s Office or the Withdrawal Services Office after 24-48 hours to discuss the recommendation.

**NOTE: Should you turn in an incomplete Course-Drop or Withdrawal Packet and do not contact University Health services or provide additional needed materials within 30 business days, the packet will be placed on hold and not reviewed by the Course-Drop and Withdrawal Committee.

Q. Who makes the final decision?

A. Students’ Academic Deans make the final approval or denial decision. The Medical and Mental Health Course-Drop and Withdrawal Committee only reviews the provided documentation to see if it meets criteria; the ultimate decision is in the hands of the Academic Dean.

Q. What happens if my Course-Drop/Withdrawal is Denied?

A. Students are allowed one appeal. To appeal a denied recommendation, the student must be able to provide additional documentation from the medical or mental health professional that proves additional support to the reason for the withdrawal. Students submitting additional documentation for appeal must note “APPEAL’ on the first page of the additional documentation.

Q. Is there a deadline for Course-Drops or Withdrawals

A. The Medical/Mental Health Course-Drop & Withdrawal Committee will accept ALL current and retroactive packets and documentation for Course-Drops & Withdrawals. If you are concerned about the processing of your packet affecting course registration, academic/financial holds, or your transcript, please contact your Academic Dean’s office for more information.

Q. Can I check on the status of my Course-Drop or Withdrawal?

A. Yes, you may call, email, or log-into our Course-Drop & Withdrawal System (CDaW) to check the status. Please see the contact information below: