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The following links may be helpful in answering general health questions, and are to be used for information only. They should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice from a licensed, qualified health care provider. If you think you my have a medical emergency, call the student health center or 911 immediately.

Faculty Resources

Faculty & Staff Emergency Guide

The Department of Student Support and Transitions, University Counseling Center, and University Health Services from the Division of Student Affairs, the Division of Academic Affairs, the University Police Department, Employee Assistance Services Staff, and members of the FSU Student Situation Resolution Team have developed this FSU faculty and staff information guide to use when assisting distressed students or when dealing with a person with a weapon. This information includes basic guidelines but cannot address every situation: therefore, in the event you believe you, the person(s) involved, or anyone else is at risk due to another person’s behavior, you should call the Florida State University Police at 644.1234 or 911.


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