Health Center Information

Q. Who may be seen at the health center?

Enrolled FSU students; post doctoral fellows and visiting scholars; orientation students and participants in special programs or campers. FSU faculty and staff may access the travel clinic and the nutrition clinic.

Q. Who is considered a patient?

Definitions regarding patients of The Health and Wellness Center:

  1. Enrolled Student - Students currently enrolled who have been assessed the health fee as part of the tuition and fees charged to students are eligible to use the Health Center. A portion of the health fee comes to the Health Center and enables the Health Center to offer many services free or at rates significantly lower than the student would encounter at an off campus facility.
  2. Non-enrolled Student - A one semester window is available for former students to access care at the Health Center. Since these students are no longer assessed the health fee, charges will be on a fee for service basis. This window closes at the close of business the day prior to the subsequent semester beginning. Once the new semester begins, if not reenrolling, the former student will need to find another health care provider.
  3. Domestic Student - US citizens, resident aliens, international students on visas other than J-1 and F-1, and undocumented aliens. Procedures for enrolled and non-enrolled students apply.
  4. International Student - Any student in the United States on a J-1 or F-1 visa are, by state and university regulations, required to show proof of health insurance that meets the federal and Board of Governor’s guidelines for students with a J-1 visa. Procedures for enrolled and non-enrolled students apply. Dependents of students on a J-1 or F-1 visa must also be insured.
  5. Exchange Student - Exchange students are required by state and university regulations to show proof of health insurance. Procedures for enrolled students apply.
  6. Post-Doctoral Fellows and Visiting Scholars - Non-student foreign nationals in a valid non-immigrant status or domestic non-students, who are actively engaged in an academic activity or employment at Florida State University and who are otherwise ineligible for the employer group health plan, are eligible to purchase the University sponsored health insurance. Students enrolled at the Center for Intensive English Studies may also purchase the University sponsored health insurance.. Go to the Insurance for Post-doctoral Fellows, Visiting Scholars and CIES students tab on the home page of the student insurance web site: to print the application and application instructions.

Other Groups:

  1. Campers, Campus Visitors, Special Programs - Individuals participating in residential or day camps on the FSU campus, campus visitors and participants in special programs are eligible to be seen at the Health and Wellness Center for minor injuries and illnesses. Campers and/or visitors under the age of 18 must have a signed consent for treatment from a parent or legal guardian. Campers and campus visitors are seen on a fee-for-service basis. Insurance can be filed for these patients. Special Program participants who have the student health insurance will be seen on a fee-for-service basis with the charges billed to the insurance carrier.
  2. Faculty/Staff - FSU faculty and staff are eligible to access the travel clinic at the Health and Wellness Center on a fee-for-service basis. For any other care, treatment must be limited to first aid and stabilizing the patient for transport to the appropriate healthcare facility.
  3. Dual Enrolled Students - Students enrolled in programs at FSU and another institution are eligible to be seen at the Health and Wellness Center like any other enrolled FSU student. Dual enrolled FAMU students must use the health clinic at FAMU.
  4. Student Interns - These students are typically from other universities and may be seen on a fee-for-service basis. Insurance can be filed for these patients.
  5. Counseling & Psychological Services Doctoral Interns - CPS Doctoral interns may access services at the Health and Wellness Center. CPS doctoral interns may purchase the university sponsored visiting scholar health insurance.
  6. They are seen on a fee-for service basis. Insurance can be filed for these patients.

Q. FSU survival kit

Before your student leaves home,

  1. Pack your first aid kit. A simple shoebox with the following supplies can be very comforting the first time your student needs first aid or basic self care:
    1. The antiseptic you use for cuts, scratches and insect bites.
    2. The pain reliever you use for headaches and muscle discomfort.
    3. The medicine you use for upset stomach, diarrhea or nausea.
    4. The medicine you use for a cough and throat lozenges for a sore throat.
    5. The medicine you use for allergies and colds.
    6. A simple thermometer. Show them how to use it.
    7. Band aids.
    8. A can of chicken soup.
    9. Your advice to rest and drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids.
  2. Make your student aware of how important it is to carry a photo ID, insurance and prescription card with them at all times. You NEVER know when these items will be needed.
  3. Practice making an appointment for medical care. Make sure they know how to describe their symptoms.
  4. Practice ordering and picking up a prescription.
  5. Let your student know that they can consult a pharmacist for advice on over-the-counter medications as well as prescription meds.

Once your student is at Florida State, if self care has not relieved your student’s symptoms or the symptoms worsen, your student may need to seek medical care.

Q. Where is the Health Center and when is it open?

The Health and Wellness Center is southwest of Oglesby Union, north of the Student Life bulding and the Dunlap Success Center, and west of Parking Garage #2. The street address is 960 Learning Way. Clinic hours of operation are 8 AM - 4 PM, Monday - Friday. The Health Center is not open on Saturday or Sunday.

Q. What about parking?

  1. Students with appointments at the Health and Wellness Center may park in the gated lot just north of the Health Center during their appointments only.
  2. Complete the parking form provided by the attendant. Drivers with handicapped parking passes are not required to complete the parking form.
  3. The space just outside the south side doors of the building is for emergency and delivery vehicle access only.

Q. How do I get an appointment?

  1. Call the Central Appointment Unit (CAU) at (850) 644-4567. The CAU will try to schedule your appointment within 48 hours of your call. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. No show charges are assessed for missed appointments and late arrivals may be asked to re-schedule in addition to a no-show fee.
  2. Walk-In patients must schedule an appointment at one of the Central Appointment Unit stations located on the first, fourth or fifth floors.
  3. Walk-ins meeting the following criteria for priority care will be seen immediately.
    1. excessive bleeding,
    2. vomiting to the point where you cannot keep liquids down,
    3. difficulty breathing,
    4. chest pain,
    5. temperature of 101 degrees or more,
    6. extremely swollen throat or
    7. a possible fracture.
  4. Bring your FSU ID and your health insurance information with you to every appointment in the Health Center.
  5. Physical Therapy Clinic appointments are scheduled separately. Call 850-644-0570.

Q. What services does the Health Center offer?

Services available include general medical care, women's health services, allergy clinic, nutrition assessments, physical therapy, immunizations, laboratory, health promotion outreach services, HIV and sexually transmitted infection testing, and radiology. We provide basic outpatient family practice-type services. We also provide urgent care services (minor suturing, splinting, intravenous therapy) for acute injuries and illnesses that cannot wait for an appointment. There are other specialists who work in the specialty clinic on a rotating basis throughout the month.

Q. Can the allergy clinic store serum for students?

Yes we can store the serum and give the injections based on outside physician's orders. We do not perform any allergy testing in the health center, but there are allergists in Tallahassee.

Q. Do you keep a copy of our insurance card on file?

The student should always carry a copy of the insurance card. We do scan your insurance card on your first visit to the Health Center. It is the student's responsibility to present a new insurance card to be scanned if your insurance changes.

Q. What type of clinicians do you have?

We have Family Practice, Pediatric, Internal Medicine, and GYN's who enjoy working specifically with the college population. In addition, many of our clinicians, including the ARNPs and PAs, are board-certified.

Q. Do you have specialists on staff?

We do not have specialists on staff. We do, however, refer students to specialists in the community or to the emergency room as necessary. We make every effort to insure that students are referred to specialists who accept the student's insurance.

Q. If my student is under 18, do I have to give permission for treatment?

Yes, you must give permission. The following statement is on the immunization compliance forms:

REQUIRED AUTHORIZATION FOR CARE OF STUDENTS UNDER AGE 18: I authorize, at the discretion of University Health Services personnel, medical and surgical care including examinations, treatments, immunizations, and the like for my son or daughter. In the event of serious disease or injury or the need for major surgery, I understand that all reasonable effort will be made to contact me but that failure to make contact will not prevent emergency treatment if necessary to help preserve life or health.


Parent Signature____________________Date __________

Parent/Guardian signature is ONLY required for students under the age of 18 years.


Q. How does a parent/legal guardian obtain consent to receive information on their student?

There is no blanket release that is good for all visits.

  1. For a student who is under 18 years of age, records and treatment may be discussed with parents/legal guardians for all matters except for sexual health.
  2. For a student who is over 18 years of age, a signed consent to share information is required. University Health Services personnel understand parent concern about students. We are legally bound to respect students’ rights to confidentiality regarding their protected health information.
  3. A signed consent to share information is incident/condition specific. If necessary, we will contact the student to ask his/her permission and ask him/her to sign a release. The release is valid until the student withdraws the permission in writing.

Q. What if a student has a medical emergency?

If a student has a serious medical emergency, the parents/guardians will be notified.

Q. If I am sick or injured, so that I need help getting to the Wellness Center, can UHS personnel transport me? If not, what am I to do?

  1. UHS staff members are not permitted to transport students to or from the Wellness Center.
  2. If you live on campus, contact FSU Police, (850) 644-1234. The FSU Police Department will transport the student or they will contact the FSU Medical Response Unit and request transport. OR
  3. See if another student or friend can bring you to the Wellness Center OR
  4. If you are so sick or injured that an ambulance is required, call 911 for an ambulance to take you to one of the two local hospital emergency rooms.

Q. Can the Health and Wellness Center issue me a handicapped-parking permit?

  1. Clinical staff (MD’s, PA’s, and ARNP’s) can issue FSU temporary handicapped parking permits. Permits will be issued at the clinician’s discretion for up to three weeks. One additional three-week renewal may be issued by the clinician (an appointment with the issuing clinician is required).
  2. A student with a disability note for six weeks or less from his/her home/private clinician may go directly to Parking Services to obtain the permit. Parking Service is located at the FSU University Center, Building C, Room 5406. Parking Services’ telephone number is (850) 644-5278, and their fax number is (850) 644-0008.
  3. A student with a disability lasting longer than six weeks must obtain a handicapped parking permit from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles.