Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2022-2025

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Mission, Vision, Values

Mission: To promote the overall health and well-being of FSU students. 

Vision: We envision a healthy community where every student thrives. 

Values: We honor the tenets of the Seminole Creed: Strength (Vires), Skill (Artes), and Character (Mores) by sharing the following values: 

  • Accountability: We are committed to ethical and professional practices within an active quality improvement environment
  • Learning: We support the academic mission at Florida State University, striving to improve educational performance and retention. We recognize that each contact with a student is an opportunity for health promotion and education.
  • Excellence: We employ progressive, high quality, and data driven approaches in meeting the changing needs of our students and staff.
  • Collaboration: We value our connection with the Division of Student Affairs and their unwavering concern for student life on campus. We are engaged partners with University faculty, staff, and others who share our commitment for a healthy campus environment. Active Communication. We value each member of our diverse work community, pledging to mentor, support and encourage staff in a manner that communicates fairness, respect and honesty.
  • A Safe and Secure Environment: We strive to ensure a caring, safe and secure environment that values confidentiality and patient privacy and are prepared to respond to internal and external threats to staff and patient safety.
  • Mutual Respect: In relationships with others, integrity, trust and respect of our differences are important values. In our health center, every person’s contribution is important. The patient is the center of our service wheel and each employee contributes to their experience in a positive and thoughtful way.

Core Functions

  1. Patient Centered Care: We deliver high quality medical and mental health care that is efficient, accessible, and equitable. 
  2. Public Health: We lead prevention-based initiatives and campus response efforts to advance health and well-being.
  3. Student Development: We guide students to develop lifelong learning strategies by providing opportunities and educational initiatives to support personal growth and development in an academic setting.
  4. Staff Development: We foster performance and growth in an environment where every employee thrives. 

Overall Strategic Priorities

  1. Communication
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Culture
  4. Staff Development
  5. Health Equity and Public Health