Frequently Asked Questions

University Sponsored Insurance

Q. Who is the insurance carrier for the FSU sponsored student health plan?

  1. United HealthCare Student Resources (UHCSR) in Plano, Texas, is the carrier. Students can call 800-767-0700 for questions and assistance. Providers can call 888-224-4875 to verify coverage and benefits.

Q. What does the insurance plan available for purchase at FSU cover?

  1. The university-sponsored health insurance is a United HealthCare sickness and injury PPO health plan that covers
    1. Illness and injury
    2. Selected wellness coverage including immunizations, an annual physical examination, and an annual women's examination.
    3. Preexisting conditions are covered with no waiting period or internal limits.
  2. The provider network is UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus.
  3. For more details, refer to the student insurance web site at 3. The plan benefit summary for both the domestic and international plans is posted at the Student Health Insurance Plan Information tab

Q. What does the FSU insurance plan cost and what is the percentage of coverage?

  1. The premium matrix is posted at the Student Health Insurance Plan Information tab of the student insurance web site: . It is under the paragraph:  How much does it cost?
  2. When you seek care outside of the Wellness Center, it is most cost effective for you to choose providers who are in-network with the United HealthCare Choice Plus provider network. Refer to the plan summaries posted at the Student Health Insurance Plan Information tab of the student insurance web site: . It is under the paragraph Plan Summaries.

Q. I am a nursing/medical student. Do you have needlestick coverage?

  1. Needlestick and face splash coverage is included in the student plans from United Healthcare Student Resources. Cost for treatment is covered 100% at in-network and out-of-network facilities. Use of in-network facilities is always preferred.

Q. So I'm graduating. What now?

  1. If you purchased the annual plan, your insurance will continue through August 14.
  2. Once your student health plan terminates, you no longer be eligible to purchase or extend your student health insurance. There is no COBRA option with student health insurance.
  3. Graduating students may also want to check out the FSU Alumni Association at . They have several insurance plans available to their members. Graduating students can join the Alumni Association for a discounted price and then be able to take advantage of the many benefits of association membership. For more information, visit our co-branded Mercer link:

Q. Withdrawing from FSU?

Withdrawing from FSU?
  1. If a student has the student health insurance and withdraws before the 31st calendar day of the term for which coverage was purchased, the plan will be canceled and the premium returned, less any claims paid on the account.
    1. The request for cancelation must be submitted in writing to Cancelation of the plan and the charge on the student's account at Student Financial Services IS NOT automatic
    2. Students who have purchased the fall only or the annual plan and who withdraw after the 31st calendar day of the fall term have met the eligibility requirement to retain the health insurance they have purchased and the premium, whether it is billed in one payment for the fall only or the two payments (in fall and spring) for the annual plan continue to be due and payable and the insurance will remain in force.
    3. Students who have purchased the spring/summer coverage and withdraw after the 31st calendar day of the spring term have met the eligibility requirement to retain the spring/summer coverage and the plan will not be canceled.
  2. If a student leaves FSU to join the military, a prorated premium will be refunded. The student must notify the health compliance office in writing at of the date they will enter active duty.

Q. Is there vision or dental coverage?

Routine dental and vision care are not included in the medical plan. Vision and dental plans are options available through Gallagher Student Health and are not limited to a specific enrollment window. For details about these plans and other coverage options please visit 

Q. How do I purchase the student health insurance?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the flashing red and black at the top of the home page.
  3. Log in using your FSUID and password. There are prompts on the page to assist with activating your FSUID.
  4. Select the Purchase FSU Insurance button.
  5. Follow the prompts. The charges will be posted to your account at student financial services and you will be cleared to register. Read all the instructions.

Q. I have purchased the University sponsored health insurance.

  1. Must I use the Health and Wellness Center?
    1. The Health and Wellness Center is your primary health care provider under the University sponsored health insurance plan and your healthcare dollar goes further when you seek your health care at the Health and Wellness Center.
    2. The health plan does not require a referral for specialty services outside the health center.
    3. Both in-network and out-of-network providers are covered. Expect higher out of pocket expenses at out-of-network providers.
    4. Always call 911 for a life threatening illness or injury.
  2. I'm a Graduate Assistant (Teaching, Research) or Fellows (McKnight, Gubernatorial, all College Teaching, Interdepartmental and Auzenne Fellows) and am supposed to be getting a subsidy for purchasing my health insurance. Where can I find more information on that?
    1. For more information please visit:

Q. I purchased the annual plan:

  1. I have paid the first half of my premium but my parents have secured other health insurance for me. Do I still have to pay the second half of the annual premium payment?
    1. Yes. The plan for annual coverage is an annual plan. The payment has been split in half to allow the debt to be spread between the fall and spring semesters. The plan cancellation policy states that the insurance plan will not be cancelled if other insurance is secured during the coverage period. What can happen if other coverage is secured is that the student health insurance becomes secondary coverage. Charges that are not covered by the primary plan may be submitted to the secondary carrier for reimbursement. Under no circumstances can claims be filed to two carriers for reimbursement of the same charges.
    2. The only way a prorated refund will issued after plan eligibility has been met is if the student leaves the university to join the military.
  2. I have withdrawn from FSU. Do I have to pay my insurance premium?
    1. If you withdraw from FSU up to the 31st calendar day of the term for which coverage was purchased (annual or by the semester), you are not eligible to be covered by the school sponsored health insurance plan. If you have filed any claims against the insurance plan, the premium less any paid claims may be returned to you. This is not automatic. You must request cancellation of the plan and reimbursement of the premium to you. At that time, the charge for the second half of the annual premium, if the annual plan was purchased, will be removed from your account at student financial services. If you have already paid the annual premium in full, a refund will be processed for you.
    2. If you withdraw from FSU after the 31st calendar day of the term for which coverage was purchased (annual or by the semester), you have met the eligibility requirement to be insured by the plan. The full premium must be paid. The health compliance office can assist you in finding providers so that you can use the plan away from campus.
    3. If you purchase your insurance for fall only and then again for spring/summer, the 31-day eligibility requirement must be met once for the fall and again for the spring term.

Q. I am graduating in December. Can I purchase the spring/summer coverage?

  1. No, you may not purchase the spring/summer coverage. You must be an enrolled student to purchase coverage
  2. If you purchased the annual plan, you will continue to be covered through the following August 14. The remainder of the annual premium must be paid. Failure to pay the second half of the annual premium may result in the unpaid balance being sent to collections.

Q. I will be graduating in the spring. Is there a spring only option?

  1. No, spring only coverage is not an option with the school sponsored health insurance plan.

Q. I have changed my mind and do not want the health coverage. May I cancel the plan?

  1. The student health plan can be canceled or changed up to the date coverage begins.
    1. Any plan change/cancelation must be submitted before close of business on the day before coverage begins.
    2. Students leaving FSU to enter the military may receive a prorated refund of premium at any time during the academic year.
    3. Any request to change or cancel your plan must be made in writing to Telephone or walk-in requests are not accepted.
  2. The process of cancelation will be more quickly accomplished if you have already entered your new policy information in the waiver screens.
    1. Go to
    2. Log in at the flashing red and black link
    3. Go to My Policies.
    4. Select New.
    5. Follow the prompts.
    6. Select Submit.
  3. It is important for you to read and understand the implications of purchasing health insurance.
    1. If you are covered under other insurance (parent, employer, Medicaid, VA):
      1. Have the information for the waiver available BEFORE you want to register for classes.
      2. Follow the instructions in Paragraph b above well before your registration window opens.
      3. If you have problems updating your waiver, call Health Compliance at 850-644-3608 for assistance
    2. A panic purchase of the student health insurance to allow registration for classes can cause issues with your financial aid. DO NOT PURCHASE THE STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE TO CLEAR A PRIVATE INSURANCE WAIVER. That can be an unnecessary and expensive lesson.

Q. My insurance card had not arrived. Can I get a temporary insurance card?

  1. Within 72 hours of transmission of your purchase information to UHCSR, you will be sent an e-mail by UHCSR. This e-mail will have instructions for
    1. Establishing your MyAccount with UHCSR at .
    2. Printing a temporary paper copy of your insurance card.
    3. Requesting UHCSR to mail a hard copy of your insurance card to you.
    4. Securing a copy of your card on your smart phone via an app.
  2. Students can call 800-767-0700 to talk with UHCSR. UHCSR answers calls from 7 AM to 7 PM Central Standard Time.
  3. Providers can call UHCSR to verify benefits and coverage at 888-224-4875.

Q. Can financial aid be used to pay for the student insurance? Yes. How?

  1. When a student receives financial aid (grants, scholarships, prepaid, loans, etc.), that money all goes into the student’s account at student financial services. Tuition is paid from that account first. All other charges are paid on a first in, first paid basis. The student who has purchased the student health insurance has the insurance premium “in line” for payment from the funds in the student account at student financial services. Depending on where the insurance premium is “in line” to be paid from the student’s financial aid, the premium may be paid in full, in part or not at all. If the premium is paid in full byfinancial aid, the student has no out of pocket expense for insurance.
  2. Once all of a student’s bills are paid, any money remaining on the student'account at student financial services is transferred to the student either by EFT to the student’s Suntrust account or by check to the local mailing address the student has on file. If there are bills remaining to be paid when the financial aid is exhausted, then the remaining charges are the student's responsibility.
  3. Any other charges posted to the student’s account after the remaining financial aid money has been disbursed to the student must be paid by the student before the student will be allowed to register for the ensuing term.
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