Florida State University Student Resilience Project

Welcome FSU Students! 

The Student Resilience Project is a web-based, research-informed toolkit developed to encourage students' wellness by helping to learn how to manage stress in healthy ways and increase a sense of belonging. The website features videos, skill-building activities, resources, and information, including podcasts by campus experts. It is an FSU priority to increase a sense of belonging, connectedness, safety, and well-being among our students. 

What does the FSU Student Resilience Project offer students?

  • Multimedia, interactive audio, video, animated resilience coping content
  • Positive students stories demonstrating student resilience, belonging and purpose 
  • Exercises helping students discover strengths
  • Exercises to help student practice their resilience skills
  • Access to the Get Connected page, with many campus and community resources

Is this required?

Completing the program is not required, rather it is strongly encouraged. A hold will not be placed on your account, however, you will see a To-Do on your MyFSU dashboard. In order to remove the to-do, you will need to complete the following: 

  • Watch the Introduction to Trauma and Introduction to Resilience videos
  • Listen to at least two audios of your choosing 
  • Learn one new skill in the skills section

It is estimated to take around 25-45 minutes to complete. Upon completion, your to-do list will be updated and reflect that you have satisfied this request. Please allow up to 48 hours for the system to update. 

How do I log in?

Visit strong.fsu.edu and login using your FSU credentials


Watch the video below to learn how physical health impacts student success