Schedule Your Appointment Online

The Patient Portal is a secure, convenient, and easy way to access your health information, communicate with your provider, and schedule appointments. If you cannot find any online availability that meets your needs, call us at (850) 644-4567 to schedule.

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Online Scheduling

University Health Services is proud to be offering online scheduling! Select an available date and time that fits your schedule. If you cannot find an appointment that works for you, call us at (850) 644-4567 or visit the Mary B. Coburn Health & Wellness Center to schedule your appointment.

We have a variety of clinics providing high-quality healthcare in a comfortable, friendly environment. Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and registered nurses are available to manage medical concerns.

Services currently available for online scheduling include: 

  • Primary Care
    • Sick visit (i.e., sore throat, cough, ear infection, nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, make STI testing with symptoms)
    • Non-sick visit (i.e., chronic conditions, muscle or joint pain, routine lab work,  medication refills that are not controlled substances, male STI testing without symptoms)
  • Women's Health
    • Women's health annual exam (i.e., pap smear and annual gyn exam)
    • Women's health sick visit (i.e., STI testing with symptoms, urinary tract or vaginal infections)
  • Flu vaccine
    • (Coming soon)
  • COVID-19 vaccine for initial series only (boosters not currently available)

Preparing for your visit

  • Bring your FSU Card and Insurance Card to every visit.
  • Please arrive on time! Patients should arrive at least 15-minutes before routine appointments. Some appointments will require arrival up to 30-minutes before the scheduled time. 
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, call us at (850) 644-4567.
  • Patients who are late will be rescheduled and charged a no-show fee. Those who miss a scheduled appointment will be charged a no-show fee. The fees vary according to clinic and appointment type. More information regarding fees can be found by clicking here. 
  • To save time in the waiting room, click the link below and complete your required forms ahead of your visit. 

The following appointment reasons cannot be made online; please call (850) 644-4567 to schedule for the following appointment reasons:

  • Wellness exams for sport, club, school, volunteer, or work
  • New mental health visits
  • In-office procedures (e.g., ingrown toenail removal, drainage of abscess, laceration repair, skin biopsy)
  • Pre or post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV
  • Pre-travel consultations
  • Sexual assault
  • Recent diagnosis or positive test for COVID-19 in the past 5-days

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 9-1-1 and seek emergency care.

How do I schedule an appointment online?

In order to schedule online, you must be web enabled. If you have not accessed your patient portal, please call (850) 644-6230 and request to be web enabled. 

  1. Click here or the "Make an Appointment" button at the top of the webpage and select "View your health record"
  2. Enter your FSU email and password to log in
  3. Once you arrive at your "dashboard" you will select "Search an Appointment" on the upper right side of the dashboard
  4. Choose a visit reason
    1. COVID Vaccine Dose 1
    2. COVID Vaccine Dose 2
    3. Flu Vaccine
    4. Primary Care Non-sick Visit
    5. Primary Care Sick Visit
    6. Women's Health Annual Exam
    7. Women's Health Symptomatic Visit
  5. Choose a location and select search
    1. COVID Dose 1, Dose 2, and Flu only have one location option to select from
    2. Primary Care Non-sick Visit and Primary Care Sick Visit have multiple locations/clinics to choose from. 
      1. 4A (providers located in this clinic are listed below)
        1. Heather Mudd, APRN
        2. Alan Moudy, APRN
        3. Veta Mobley-Johnson, M.D.
      2. 4B (providers located in this clinic are listed below)
        1. Andrea Palgge, D.O.
        2. Elizabeth Curci, M.D.
        3. Ann Klassen, APRN
        4. Christopher DeLisle, D.O.
      3. 4C (providers located in this clinic are listed below)
        1. Deepti Reddy, M.D.
        2. Lawrence Allen, M.D.
    3. Women's Health Annual Exam and Women's Health Symptomatic Visit have one location option to choose from. 
      1. 5B (providers located in this clinic are listed below)
        1. Rhonda Smith, APRN
        2. Alice Laxton, APRN
  6. Once you have selected the provider of your choosing, click "Show Availabilities" 
  7. Select a date and time from the available selections on the right side of your dashboard
  8. Complete the patient details fields and hit next
  9. View visit details and enter the information requested including insurance information and hit next
  10. Verify your phone number and complete the book process

Please note, if you do not see your needed appointment date/time listed, call (850) 644-4567 for additional availability options.