Important Instructions for your healow TeleVisit

It's Virtual

You have been scheduled for a UHS eCW TeleVisit appointment. You do not need to go to University Health Services for this appointment as this is a virtual visit only.

Please make sure you have allowed pop-ups on the device you are using for the TeleVisit appointment, when prompted. There could be potential issues with audio or visuals if you have not allowed pop-ups. If you have blocked pop-ups for the site used for TeleVisits, you can change those settings according to the browser/device you are using. 

Please close out of any and all applications that could be using the microphone to ensure that there are no audio issues (i.e. FaceTime, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.). 

Time Zone

Your appointment has been scheduled in your health care provider's time zone. Please be sure to adjust your schedule to match your provider's time zone. We value your time and your provider will make every effort to join the visit at your scheduled appointment time. Unexpected delays can happen, so please allow your provider 30 minutes from the time of the scheduled TeleVisit appointment to connect with you. 

Prior to Appointment

At least 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, click the health care service link below (i.e. Primary Care, etc.) to review, complete, and sign the TeleVisit consent form and any additional intake forms so that you are ready for your visit at your scheduled appointment time. 


You have three options for connecting to your TeleVisit appointment: 

  1. Email: Use the reminder email and click the "Start TeleVisit" button near the bottom of the email. 
  2. Patient Portal: Log into your patient portal and click "Join TeleVisit". 
  3. Text: Use the text reminder and click the link you received. 

There will be a connectivity test to ensure both the audio and video are sufficient as this is required for your TeleVisit. Please be in a private, quiet space during your visit. 

Note: Entering vital signs is optional and is not required. 


Primary Care

Important instructions for Primary Care.

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Physical Therapy

Important instructions for Physical Therapy.

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Women's Clinic

Important instructions for Women's Clinic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Friday: 8am-4pm. Staffing until 5pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed
  • For After Hours Care information, click here

Contact Us

  • For appointments call, 850.644.4567
  • For general questions call, 850.644-6230

When should I expect to receive my appointment instructions?

You will receive the following appointment reminders with instructions: 

  • An appointment confirmation when you book your appointment. It will include instructions about completing intake paperwork and a Start Televisit button you can use to start your appointment. 

  • An appointment reminder 30 minutes before your appointment time. It will include instructions about completing intake paperwork and a Start Televisit button you can use to start your appointment. 

  • A text reminder (if you have enabled receiving text reminders) with a link to start the televisit appointment. There will not be instructions about completing intake paperwork. If you are using this link to start your televisit, make sure you click the Learn More button underneath the clinic you have your appointment with and complete the paperwork listed.  

What time should I start my TeleVisit?

We recommend you start your visit at least 15-30 minutes before your appointment. You will remain in the waiting room until the provider starts the visit on their end. 

What if I am having trouble connecting to the appointment?

Please call UHS and attempt to get in touch with the clinic you are booked in. However, after completing the assigned questionnaires there will be a connectivity test that will be run on the device you are using to connect. It should help you diagnose the issue.

I didn't receive an email with my appointment instructions, what should I do?

Be sure to check your junk/spam folder. If after one hour you still have not received the email, call 850-644-4567 for assistance. 

Can I use my cell phone for the visit? 

You can use a laptop/desktop computer with webcam or a mobile device to join an eCW Televisit appointment, however, please keep in mind that you may experience better quality on a laptop/desktop computer with webcam.  

How can I join the TeleVisit appointment?

  • Through your appointment confirmation email 

  • Through your appointment reminder email 

  • Through the link in your text reminder (must be enabled to receive text messages) 

  • Logging into your patient portal and clicking Start Televisit on your upcoming appointment 

  • Logging into the healow app on your phone and clicking Start Televisit on your upcoming appointment 

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