Randomized Testing Program FAQs

FSU is launching a randomized test program of all those physically present on campus, administered by epidemiologists at the SAFER Program in collaboration with Public Health faculty and the Florida Department of Health. Participation is voluntary, and the test is free. It’s important for each of us in the campus community to do our part!

Voluntary testing will continue to be offered at the Tucker Civic Center via appointments, walk-ups, and pop-up testing across campus. Clinical appointments for symptomatic students are available at University Health Services.

Who is selected?

Each week, a review of on-campus activity is determined by in-person activities on campus, such as card swipes, wifi access, and events. Invitations are then randomized to 3 main groups:

  • Students in university residence halls
  • Students living off-campus
  • Faculty and staff

How are notifications sent?

Participants will be invited by email on Monday morning to participate in the program that week. The invitation contains a link to the testing registration portal. Participants should login to make an appointment at their convenience within the next 7 days.

What should I expect when I make an appointment?

Check out the full walk through to see how quick and easy testing can be! Your appointment only takes a few minutes.

Is testing mandatory?

No, testing is voluntary. 

If I am selected for voluntary random testing, am I allowed to test off-campus (e.g., Patients First, Primary Care Provider)? And if so, do I need to submit the results if I tested positive?

Yes, you are not required to test at FSU.  

  • Students who live on-campus are required to report positive results to University Health Services by emailing them to: uhs-medicalrecords@fsu.edu.
  • Students who live off-campus are strongly encouraged to submit positive results to University Health Services by emailing them to: uhs-medicalrecords@fsu.edu
  • Faculty and Staff need to communicate positive test results to University HR. 

Will my insurance be billed?

Your insurance will not be billed for any testing related to the randomized testing program. Please note that FSU may have insurance information on file from past testing.

What is the location for testing?

Testing for the randomized program will be conducted at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center. Students with disabilities needing assistance may contact the Office of Accessibility Services for assistance.

How are the results reported?

Participants will receive an email to view their individual results in the secure test portal.

Results of the randomized program will be reported to university administration in aggregate form after epidemiological review.

What happens after testing? 

Please visit University Health Services Testing FAQ.

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