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Admission Health Requirements

The Immunization and Health Insurance Office at University Health Services is here to assist you with the mandatory Immunization and Health Insurance requirements for Florida State University students.

In order to register for classes at FSU, all main campus students are required to submit a one-time Immunization form, showing proof of two combined MMR vaccines and to either show proof of or complete a waiver for Hepatitis B and Meningococcal Meningitis. For complete details, select the Immunization icon at the bottom of this page to access the form and Instructions for completion.

Additionally, on an annual basis FSU requires all main campus students to show proof of health insurance coverage. For complete details, instructions for showing proof, or, if you do not have sufficient coverage already, and wish to see details for the FSU sponsored plan through United Healthcare Student Resources, select the Health Insurance icon below.

Division of Student Affairs at Florida State University

University Health Services: