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Research and Evaluation

“Research seeks to prove, Evaluation seeks to improve.”  M. Q. Patton

University Health Center staff members conduct research and evaluation to improve the quality of care, target health education programs and benchmark with other like organizations.  All research performed that meets the FSU Institutional Review Board (IRB), also known as the Human Subjects Committee (HSC) guidelines (  Any research to be published outside of UHS must receive approval from the IRB prior to conducting the research.

Quality Improvement (QI) – QI projects are continuously performed to ensure the student community of FSU receives high quality health care and to identify areas of needed improvement. 

UHS Quality Improvement Model

The UHS Quality Improvement Committee
uses the model above to conduct all projects.

Sample Topics of the QI projects that have been performed at UHS include:

  • UHS Employee Influenza Vaccination Rates
  • Immunization Administration and Documentation
  • Receiving Consultation Notes on Outside Referrals
  • Prescription Writing

Accreditation – UHS has been accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) since 2002 (  This is a voluntary process and UHS participates to ensure high quality health care standards.  Surveyors from the AAAHC visit UHS at a minimum of every three years to ensure UHS meets nationally recognized standards.

Research – UHS provides research when requested and approved by the UHS Director, Medical Director or VP of the Division of Student Affairs.  Examples of research provided:

  • Tracking of H1N1 Influenza Statistics During the 2009 Pandemic with the Information Distributed Across the FSU Campus.
  • Student Health Insurance Policy and Purchasing Information to the Florida Board of Governors.
  • Statistical Information Requested by Media, Fundraising Campaigns, etc.

Surveys – UHS participates in a number of surveys regionally and nationally.  Annual surveys that UHS participates in are:

  • Sunbelt Survey – A survey of the colleges and universities in the southeast to compare operational information such as:  number of employees, salaries, number of patient visits, technology, budgets, etc.
  • ACHA National College Health Assessment (NCHA) – A survey of random students to obtain health, wellness and student behavior information.  FSU receives an overall report with national data and an individual report reflecting FSU data.  (

Note:  All patient identifiers are removed from data prior to reporting.

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