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Diagnostic Imaging

Located on the first floor of the Health Center

Diagnostic Imaging

The Diagnostic Imaging Department is staffed by Radiologic Technologists licensed through the Americian Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and the Florida Department of Health.  The Radiologic Technologists are available to perform routine X-ray, EKG (electrocardiograms) and Spirometry (Pulmonary Function Testing) examinations. 

Radiology (X-ray)   

With an order from a clinician,  x-ray examinations are performed utilizing a fully digital x-ray system.  The x-ray images are sent electronically for interpretation by board certified radiologists within the community at a reduced rate.  TheRadiology
interpretation fees are included in the cost of the x-ray examination billed by the health center, so there are no unexpected charges. 

The Radiology Technologists also assist the healthcare providers in scheduling patients for diagnostic imaging examination in the community such as MRIs, CTs, Mammograms, etc.


Electrocardiograms (EKG)

Electrocardiograms are performed by the Radiologic Technologists with an order from a clinician.  The EKG interpretation is provided by board certified cardiologists within the community at a reduced rate.  The interpretation fees are included in the cost of the EKG billed by the health center, so there are no unexpected charges.

Spirometry (Pulmonary Function Testing)

Spirometry studies are scheduled and performed with an order from a clinician by the Radiology Technologists.  The Spirometry results are placed in the patient's clinical record for interpretation by the ordering clinician.

Additional Information

Inquiries regarding results of X-rays, EKGs and Spirometry examinations should be directed to the health care provider who ordered the diagnostic imaging examination.  

In addition to performing diagnostic imaging, the Radiology Technologists also perform all of the instrument sterilization for health center.  


For more information on the Diagnostic Imaging Department, contact Joni Jones, BS, RT (R)(CT)(MR), Radiology, Quality Improvement and Accreditation Manager, at (850) 644-5540 or

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