The Florida State University

Psychiatry Services: 644-0579

Location: Fifth floor of the Wellness Center

After Hours: MDLIVE™ (800-497-0677)

Psychiatry Services

The Psychiatry Clinic provides quality psychiatric health care for Florida State University Students.  Psychiatric care is provided by doctors and nurses who specialize in the treatment of mental, emotional or behavioral disorders.

Treatment and therapy by a psychiatrist generally focus on medication management for conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive, addictions and attention deficit disorder. 

We work collaboratively with University Health Services medical clinicians and the FSU community such as University Counseling Center, Dean of Students, Victim Advocate and Adult Learning Evaluation Center (ALEC).

Formal testing for Attention Deficit Disorders can be obtained on FSU at ALEC, the Psychology Clinic or by private providers.

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