The Florida State University

Student Health Portal

The Florida State University Health Services offers an online student health portal.  The UHS Patient Portal is a feature of the University’s Electronic Medical Records.

A patient portal is a website that allows for secure communication between the patient and the medical practice for common interactions and transactions. The UHS Patient Portal is free-of-charge, confidential and accessible round-the-clock.

  • From the Portal the patient can:
  • schedule various appointments
  • submit appointment cancellation requests
  • view past and future appointments
  • view elements of your Personal Health Record
  • view summaries of visits
  • view current medications and request prescription refills
  • request current electronic health record
  • view clinical messages
  • view lab results (once release by ordering clinician).

In order to use this feature, students are required to complete and submit a Request Access to Patient Portal document.  This document is available online by clicking here or at our patient check in areas throughout the facility. No patient will be given access to the portal without this written consent.

Once the consent for access has been reviewed by the health center, you will receive an email notification that your account has been created. This email will go to your email and will contain your user name and password. Please change your password the first time you log in and keep this information confidential.