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Clinical Services

Services and Appointments offered by our General Medical Clinics:

Quality health care for students with illnesses or injuries:

(such as respiratory complaints - colds, flu, asthma, sore throats, etc. as well as abdominal complaints, urinary complaints, stomach/GI concerns, headaches, dermatology complaints – acne, rashes, etc. and injuries such as back pain, sprains, strains, abrasions).

Chronic Medical Management: 

We can help manage medical concerns such diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol as well as other chronic medical illnesses. We have the ability to obtain routine lab work at this facility as well as imaging studies such as chest x-ray and EKG.

Minor procedures: 

(such as minor laceration repair, incision and drainage, wedge resection (ingrown toenails), and minor elective procedures such as excision or punch biopsies).

Short term IV fluids for rehydration purposes:

(more extensive IV therapies, such as  Remicade infusions, etc.-will be referred out to other facilities).

Physical exams:  

(for medical school, nursing school, other universities, employment, camp, international travel, ROTC, athletic, etc.).


(vaccinations such as Influenza, Tetanus, Hepatitis A, etc.) 

Referral services to local Hospital Emergency Departments or Medical Specialists:

(for more serious illnesses, injuries, or conditions)

University Health Services, Florida State University
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