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Health Compliance Checklist

Click here for Health Compliance Forms

  1. Health History Form
  • You can
  1. Fax it to 850-644-8958,     OR 
  2. Mail it to Health Compliance Office, 960 Learning Way, Tallahassee, FL 32306-2140,      OR
  3. Use the electronic drop box to email it.  Instructions are in the packet.      OR
  4. Bring it to the Compliance Office of University Health Services.   Forms submitted at Orientation may take up to 5 days to process. 
    • REMEMBER TO SIGN THE FORMIf you are waiving either or both the meningococcal meningitis and/or hepatitis B vaccines.
    • If you are not yet 18, your parent or guardian must also sign the form at the bottom of the second page.
    1. Proof of Immunizations
    • It is the Student Immunization Form in the packet.
    • Two MMRs (measles, mumps, rubella) must have been given on or AFTER the first birthday and at least 28 days apart.
    • Meningococcal meningitis proof OR waiver.
    • Hepatitis B proof OR waiver.
    • Must be signed and dated by medical personnel OR custodian of records.  Their printed name is also required.  Write-overs or the use of white-out are not acceptable.
    • Every student enrolling in FSU must submit this form one time.  Distance learners are exempt from this requirement.
    • Registration will be blocked until this requirement is met.
    1. Proof of Health Insurance

    Full time students new to the university (undergrads taking at least 12 hours and grad taking at least 9 hours, newly admitted or re-admitted) must either enroll in the school sponsored health insurance plan or waive enrollment in the school sponsored plan by showing proof of other comparable insurance coverage.  Students enrolled in the summer 2007 term or earlier who are still in the same program are grandfathered and not required to show proof of health insurance.  

    • Find it at
    • Click on the flashing black and red link:  Waive/Purchase Insurance Click Here
    • Log in.
    • If you do not have your FSUID you can get it here by following the prompts.
    • To purchase the school sponsored health insurance, select the Purchase FSU Insurance button.
    • If you purchase the school sponsored health insurance, make certain to update your local mailing address at Secure Apps of your blackboard account.  That is the address the insurance carrier will use to send you your new insurance card.  It must be USPS approved.
    • To complete the hard waiver and enter your existing insurance policy information, select the Insurance Waiver button.
    • Follow the prompts. 
    • This requirement must be met once annually.
    • The student sponsored insurance does not cover participation in collegiate athletics.  Check with Nick Pappas at 850-645-2700 for insurance options.
    •  If you are not attending as a full-time student, contact the Compliance Office for a Credit Hour Underload to clear your insurance requirement.
    1. To Resolve Compliance Issues for either insurance or immunizations:

    University Health Services, Florida State University
    Tallahassee,FL 32306-4178
    (850) 644-6230 / TDD (850) 644-2383
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