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Allergy Clinic: 850-644-9492

Location: Fourth floor of the Wellness Center

Allergy Clinic

Students can receive injections in the Allergy Clinic at University Health Services if they are established with a private allergy physician who agrees to offsite administration of the allergy serum.  We do not test for allergies. Regular follow up appointments with the prescribing physician are required

You can make an appointment by calling the allergy clinic at 850-644-9492.  The initial appointment in the allergy clinic will take approx 45 minutes due to required paperwork. Routine allergy appointments take approximately 30 minutes.  Allergy Clinic hours vary by semester.

The following is required from prescribing physician before students are eligible to receive allergy injections at University Health Services

  1. Signed letter or RX from the prescribing physician requesting administration of allergy injections, stating you are under their care for defined treatment & diagnosis.
  2. Physician name, address, office phone/fax numbers.
  3. List of all materials in allergy serum vials.
  4. Specific dosage and frequency of injections.
  1. Instructions for interruption of schedule (i.e., missed injections).
  2. Name of patient on each vial.
  3. The concentration of each vial.
  4. The expiration of each vial.
  5. Treatment of local reactions.
  6.  Complete instructions with each new vial or change in concentration.
  7.  (At University Health Services Allergy Clinic): Signed patient consent form.
  8. Reordering of allergy serum is the responsibility of the patient.
  9. Payment is required when services are rendered.
  10. The required waiting period after receiving an injection is a minimum of 20 minutes. If you do not wait, due to the possibility of an anaphylactic reaction, you will no longer be able to receive allergy injections at University Health Services.

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