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Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Requirements

All domestic students taking a full course load, all international students and international post doctoral fellows and visiting scholars on a J-1 or F-1 visa are required to show proof of health insurance comparable to the health insurance plan offered for FSU students. Dependents with J-2 visas are also required to be insured, per federal regulations. The Board of Governors’ rules require dependents with F-2 visas to be insured.

    1. Students studying abroad with the FSU International Programs Department.
    2. Students studying at the Panama City FSU campus and the Republic of Panama FSU campus.
    3. Distance learning students.
    4. Students studying in other designated special programs at FSU such as transient students, dual-enrolled students and co-op students.
    5. Domestic students taking less than the full course load
      1. The insurance waiver system presumes every main campus non-exempt student will be a full time student.
      2. Students taking fewer than 12 undergraduate credit hours or fewer than 9 graduate credit hours in the fall and spring terms and fewer than 6 hours in the summer may contact the Health Compliance Office for a credit hour underload to clear the insurance requirement.
      3. A credit hour underload must be reaffirmed every term.

Registration is blocked for those students required to show proof of health insurance.

  1. Go to
  2. Look at the tab: Private Insurance Requirements. There are questions for domestic students and questions for international students. If your insurance policy provides the required coverage, then your plan is comparable and completing the waiver is your next step.
    1. Make sure your plan covers the term and any holiday breaks as outlined on the home page of the insurance site.
    2. Do not bring your insurance policy or insurance card to the Health Compliance Office. We cannot tell what your plan provides by looking at a card. If you have questions about whether your policy provides the required coverage, contact your insurance carrier.
  3. To complete the waiver process using your private health insurance,
    1. Click on the flashing red and black link at the top of the home page.
    2. Log in using your FSUID and password. There are prompts on the page to assist with activating your FSUID.
    3. Select My Policies.
      1. Fill in the form.
      2. Click the blue link to I Have Health Insurance.
      3. Select the term and year for which you are completing the waiver.
      4. Click the Submit button.
      5. Click on My Compliance Record to verify that your waiver is complete.
  4. The waiver must be renewed once a year. If you complete the waiver and the system does not clear you to register, call the Health Compliance Office at 850-644-3608 for assistance.
  5. DO NOT PURCHASE THE STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE TO CLEAR A PRIVATE INSURANCE WAIVER. Your life will be much less complicated if you check your stop screen during business hours for help with clearing the waiver. Buying insurance in the middle of the night so you can register for classes can be an expensive way to be able to register for classes.
  1. For domestic students, if the plan provides the required coverage, you can complete the waiver.
  2. For international students,
  3. If the plan provides all the required coverage except for the Evacuation and Repatriation coverage, that coverage can be directly from the student insurance provider United HealthCare Student Resources. Go to . The application is on the web site. International students must be covered for evacuation to their home country if an illness or injury requires return to their home country for treatment and for repatriation of the student's remains to their home country should the student die. If you wish to purchase the required coverage from another carrier, that is permitted. Proof must be provided to the Health Compliance Office before the waiver will be cleared.
  4. If the employee's medical plan does provide evacuation and repatriation coverage as required by federal, state, Board of Governors and FSU regulations, yes, it is sufficient.

Health insurance provides protection for the unexpected illnesses and injuries that can interrupt your education and takes care of the expenses for routine health care. Part of our mission at the health center is to insure that students at Florida State have the opportunity to optimize their entire university educational experience through good health. Students without health insurance often neglect their health or defer their health care because of the expense. No student should have to decide between continuing his or her education or paying a medical bill.